of. Begin Quiz. When Katniss and the rest of the Rebel Alliance's tributes return back to the Cornucopia to retrieve more weapons, the Careers attack them immediately. Murderous Brute. In the 75th Hunger Games, he kills the District 9 female in the bloodbath. I am a huge fan of the series despite how the trilogy ended. Hypocrisy. Like Mrs. Everdeen, Prim has taken an interest in healing and helped cure Gale Hawthorne's wounds when he was lashed by the new head Peacekeeper for District 12. Together, the Careers walk across the arena, looking for the survival tributes. When Brutus and Enobaria, tracking the couple, find severely blooding Katniss, they consider she is dead and leave her alone. Peeta killed him after Brutus killed Chaff. Brutus and Enobaria track Katniss and Johanna. He fights with Chaff and kills Woof and the District 9 female in the Cornucopia bloodbath. The District 2 tributes in the Tenth Hunger Games both try to escape after the arena is bombed. Over time, the alliance began to shrink with the deaths of Mags, the Female Morphling, and Blight, and the remaining members (minus Chaff who was off on his own) traveled back to the Cornucopia to retrieve any weapons they needed that had been left behind. Both Lyme and Brutus became mentors for later tributes and probably other District 2 victors, including Enobaria. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed Community … Deceased 1 Victims 1.1 The Hunger Games 1.2 Catching Fire 1.3 Mockingjay 2 Deaths Katniss's Father- blown to porridge in a mine explosion District 8 male - Stabbed repeatedly by Marvel in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Brutus_(Hunger_Games)?oldid=3808508, He is believed to be the most animalistic and strongest tribute in. Settings Language. Johanna stops and cuts out Katniss' tracking device to make it appear that Katniss is dead, then leads Brutus and Enobaria away from her. Brutus is well known for his brutality and animal-like nature which perfectly fit to his his name. : the 63rd Hunger Games. In the film, he killed the District 9 female confirmed by her actress. Brutus When the gong sounds he jumped to his spoke and swam to the Cornucopia. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. Weapon Real or not real? Brutus was the victor of an unknown Hunger Games. I've seen their bloodlust, too.". Being a Career tribute, Brutus was named seemingly perfect as it mirrors his brutality, animal-like nature, and strength, which very likely played a role in his victory. 40's Dill - Died after convulsing from sickness. Tributes are the children who are sent to participate in the Hunger Games. It is in the final one that he warns Katniss and District 13 about the bombings. SCORE: 0 (opens in a new window) Next Question. As a teenager, he volunteers for the unspecified Hunger Games. He sent Katniss and Johanna to run the line across the jungle, pursued by Brutus and Enobaria. 1. Back in the jungle, the alliance soon learned that, with the deaths of the District 10 male and the District 5 female, the Games were now down to them, Chaff, Enobaria, and Brutus. While Peeta is being held captive by The Capitol he is made to attend several interviews which are broadcast for all to see. This quiz is to test your knowledge on the Hunger Games trilogy! They are trapped in an arena, hidden cameras documenting their every move, for the entertainment of the nation. Age Full Name Type of Villain But she’s proven wrong in the story. type to search. However, he, along with the other Careers, were driven off by Katniss and. Brutus and Enobaria. I died at age twelve. Occupation 1 Comment. Cato was killed by Katniss, and Brutus was killed by Peeta. Why do I think this? Primrose Everdeen, mainly known as "Prim", is Katniss Everdeen's little sister. This quiz is to test your knowledge on the Hunger Games trilogy! Being in his 40s, he likely won anyone between the 41st and 53rd edition of the games, barring the 45th and 50th, which were won by Chaff and Haymitch Abernathy respectively. He carries a belt in front of himself, so when Katniss who outran him, shoots an arrow on him, it only hits the belt and uninjured Brutus jumps into the water. Enobaria. I haven't read the hunger games books, but I have read handmaid's tale and 1984. Antony’s wife and political pawn, Octavia, and his treacherous aide, Enobarbus (Enobaria) are cast in The Hunger Games series. In the film. Movie Appearances VictorMentorCareer Tribute (75th Hunger Games) LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Hunger Games, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. None Catching Fire (film) Alias Crimes Later, Beetee sets up a plan to electrocute the water and cut off Brutus' and Enobaria's resources. He is taken off-screen and the stream cut off. Brutus is one of the two secondary antagonists from the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, and one of the two secondary antagonists of the film. Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games series, idea, or any of its characters, Suzanne Collins does.
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