Note: Due to the small batch nature of the product, please note that orders for 32 oz. Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt and Bourbon Smoked Pepper create just the right amount of heat to keep you reaching for more. Forget about bright-neon colored maraschino cherries and start using these bourbon-soaked cherries the next time you want a Manhattan. Coffee with a splash of bourbon? The large crystals are slow smoked in small batches by hand, using repurposed bourbon barrel staves. Pancakes have been a breakfast favorite for generations. Brand Ambassador. They make this fine jam for us with passion, and we love it! The complex fermentation begins with a, Bourbon Smoked Soy Sauce is a rich, smoky soy sauce that will add a burst of salty umami to your favorite food.  Find out which blend you love the most with this convenient assortment. To make the boozy beans, Black Powder infuses the green coffee beans with Kentucky bourbon and then roasts it all low and slow. The box also includes our three Core Spices, Bourbon Smoked Paprika, Bourbon Smoked Pepper, and Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, along with our Bourbon Smoked Sugar. Our Bourbon Smoked Beer Cheese takes on the Southern tradition with added flavors from Bourbon Country. Past, present, future – great biscuits never go out of style. TASTING NOTES: This 60-proof flavored whiskey has all the flavors of the beloved Mint Julep, including mint, bourbon, and sugar. This process allows the coffee’s flavor profile to keep hints of bourbon even after it’s been brewed. Soaked in Kentucky’s own Woodford Reserve bourbon, the deep red cherries make the perfect garnish for a cocktail or as a topping on ice cream (or any dessert, really). Each batch of coffee is tested to ensure that the bean is given the perfect roast and aging time. We also recommend mixing it in cocktails, drizzling over ice cream or eating it straight off the spoon. Shop our premium, all-natural bourbon flavor. Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy. #eatyourbourbon. We begin with a foundation of Bourbon Smoked Pepper and add Bourbon Smoked Sesame Seeds along with nori, mustard and poppy seeds to create an exotic flavor experience with a hint of subtle smokiness! Woodford Reserve® Mint Julep Simple Syrup, Woodford Reserve® Sassafras and Sorghum Bitters, Bourbon Smoked Snack Trio – Salt and Pepper Peanuts, Snack Mix, Chili Peanuts, Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mixer, Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix, Woodford Reserve® Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup, Bourbon Smoked Spices – Miniature Trial Set, Bourbon Barrel Chili, Pimento & Beer Cheese Gift Box, Bourbon Barrel Stave Chopsticks with Iron Rest, Handcrafted Soy Sauce Gift Box – Full Line (Set of 4), Bluegrass Soy Sauce With Bourbon Barrel Stave Chopsticks, Bourbon Smoked Bluegrass Soy Sauce With Bourbon Barrel Stave Chopsticks, Small Batch Bourbon Ponzu With Bourbon Barrel Stave Chopsticks, #eatyourbourbon Jersey Crew T-Shirt – Men’s, #eatyourbourbon Jersey Crew T-Shirt – Women’s, That's Entertaining! Bourbon fosters a distinct flavor all its own & when using bourbon flavor for any application, it must be robust & full-flavored. Keep your wine chilled with our three favorite coolers, The best coffee beans to put pep in your step, Make the banana pudding milkshake from Cook Out at home. See more ideas about Desserts, Food, Just desserts.  It's an ideal choice for everything from burgers and red meat to poultry and vegetables. #eatyourbourbon, Eat Your Bourbon and wear it with pride! To create this unique snack, cuts of brisket are soaked in Kentucky bourbon and fresh honey. Photo credit: Foodie with Family Facebook. Handwash with warm water and soap. All rights reserved. Each soy sauce is handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky using the all-natural and locally sourced ingredients of the Bluegrass State. Bourbon Smoked Snack Trio includes Bourbon Barrel Foods' most popular snacks, Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt and Pepper Peanuts, Bourbon Smoked Spiced Snack Mix, and Bourbon Smoked Chili Peanuts. Honey bourbon brisket jerky is the brainchild of San Francisco-based snack company, True Jerky. Im not much of a cook. Chef Edward Lee's Sambal Hot Sauce 100 ml. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. We take our famous, Small Batch Bourbon Ponzu is a combination of. For example, Jim Beam Apple may start out like any other bourbon from the distillery, but once that apple flavoring is added (often along with sweeteners), it must then be labeled as a "whiskey liqueur." Stunning variations in the oak from the charred barrels makes each piece unique. Commonly preferred by people who were formally heavy smokers. Get some tips for baking with it, CaJohns Black Cherry Vanilla Bourbon Infused Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce. The large crystals are slow smoked in small batches by hand, using repurposed bourbon barrel staves. Bourbon Smoked Chili Powder 2.25 Ounce Tin, Bourbon Barrel Black Gift Box packed for shipping, Garment imported, made with U.S.A. fabric by Alternative Apparel. We ferment and age the soybean mash in re-purposed bourbon barrels. #eatyourbourbon Â. There’s nothing “elevated” about adding sugar-centric flavorings to a premium product. Photo credit: Vangelis Arvanitis Facebook. 175 in Louisville, Kentucky 40206. A bourbon smoked blend of mild chilies and spices adds a robust flavor to any dish. Thick, hearty and warm chili is the ultimate cold weather dish. They might be sweet, but that kick of Kentucky bourbon at the end makes them a standout. The brightness of citrus, packed with a peppery punch gives an adventurous boost to both grilled and roasted favorites alike. Description With its big, unprecedented notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel, chefs, bakers and manufacturers around the world recognize the delight of introducing the creamy, rich taste of bourbon into They are passionate about Appalachian foodways, the people that live there and the stories that makes their part of Kentucky special. Cacao Nibs are cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks, and broken into smaller pieces. It's smoky and brothy with hints of oak and a mild sweetness reminiscent of fine Kentucky bourbon. Bourbon Barrel Foods began as a soy sauce micro-brewery over ten years ago. Spread this delicious Apple Butter on biscuits, pair with roasted pork or chicken, or use in a traditional Appalachian Apple Stack Cake! One of the more, shall we say, interesting flavors is the black cherry vanilla bourbon infused chipotle haberno hot sauce 1 Pair of Bourbon Barrel Stave Chopsticks with Iron Rest. Flavored bourbon (and flavored booze in general) gets a bad wrap from purists. Woodford Reserve® Old Fashioned Syrup is the finest way to enjoy an authentic old fashioned, the world's favorite classic cocktail. Drizzling maple syrup on towering stack of pancakes is one of the best ways to start your morning. The slow smoking process boasts a rich earthy, nutty flavor, with delicate oak undertones that make Bourbon Smoked Sesame Seeds delicious on salads, bread, and seasonings on meat and seafood. ", followed by 1596 people on Pinterest. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple syrup from Burton’s Maplewood Farm, Southern Pine’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged German Chocolate Cake Stout, Find the filling in the Southern Kitchen Shoppe, black cherry vanilla bourbon infused chipotle haberno hot sauce, Lick My Spoon’s "Bourbon Me Bourbon" caramel sauce, Bourbon Barrel Foods' Bourbon Smoked Peanut Brittle, The Filthy Pig, from Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets. We ferment and age the soybean mash in re-purposed bourbon barrels. CaJohns Fiery Food is an Ohio-based company that specializes in hot sauce, salsas and spice mixes inspired by the flavors of the Gulf Coast and Southwest. Aug 25, 2019 - Explore Heather Hill ⭐🌛🌝🌜⭐'s board "Bourbon-Flavored!!!! To start your day off even better, swap out your ordinary Grade A for the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple syrup from Burton’s Maplewood Farm or the barrel smoked maple syrup from Tippleman's, a cocktail syrup manufacturer in Charleston. Handcrafted Soy Sauce Gift Box- Full Line (Set of 4) includes: Bluegrass Soy Sauce is microbrewed in small batches using only whole Kentucky grown Non-GMO soybeans, soft red winter wheat, and the purest limestone filtered Kentucky spring water.
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