Feb 7, 2013 - Explore MusicStack's board "Actors Who Released Records", followed by 1756 people on Pinterest. In some cases, they can be quite embarrassing. Downey, Jr.’s singing voice has an extra twang or two, perhaps in part to hide his natural singing voice, but it’s not painful to listen to. Don’t try to beat Spock to the curb, because you will lose. It’s a bit hard to hear MacFarlane’s sincere take on swing music and not wonder if you’re being pranked, but he’s got a solid enough voice that hearing him sing old-fashioned stuff like “Almost Like Being In Love” is surprisingly impressive. Here are actors and actresses who also released albums. Some moved … Riding high off the TV show Moonlighting, Willis got behind the mic for this self-indulgent R&B album released by Motown Records (yes, really, Motown Records), where he performed songs from the perspective of an alter ego named Bruno. The top ten actors who have released albums 1. But the Spock to his Kirk, Leonard Nimoy, recorded seven albums. 13. Whatever Happened to The Cast of Beverly Hills 90210? As history has shown, crossing over from acting to music is a tricky proposition. But others feel the urge to be multihyphenates of some kind. The group has released six albums so far, including 2 Christmas ones. “I'm not here asking for any favors,” Jada told Billboard at the time . Gallery — Great Movies That Became Terrible Franchises: 17 Music Videos Starring Movie Characters. Actors Who Released Albums Quiz Stats - By nerdette play quizzes ad-free Sometimes, it’s as simple as an actor on a TV show trying out their hand at directing an episode of the program. His first foray into music is perhaps the one that got him the most jeers, The Transformed Man. It’s not an album that suggests we’ve all been missing out on Ryan Gosling as a distinct musical presence. This was great, I had the CD single. Actors Who Released Singles/Albums Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Apr 21, 2019. Lee only performs the voice of Charlemagne as a ghost, and the music surrounding him is as bombastic and melodramatic as you might imagine from the title and hook. And sometimes, an actor picks up a guitar or a microphone or some other musical instrument and starts to sing, whether or not they can actually sing or play music. He has a regular stage work and has released three albums (jeffdaniels.com) The actress Jill Hennessy is also trying to make a go of it as a recording artist (jillhennessy.com). The band released two albums, but it faced controversy in 2005 when it was added to the Ozzfest lineup. (One of his later compilations was called Knight Lover. William Shatner appeared in seven Star Trek films, and to date, he has recorded six albums. Steve MartinThe Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo. WNBA superstar Chamique Holdsclaw threw a brick through the window …, Oh my God! This was done with intent, because she didn’t want her pop albums released … This album of six tracks balances Shakespearean monologuing by Shatner with modern rock songs like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (yes, really) and “Mr. Pesci’s musical career ended with this album, and while it’s not the worst example on the list, you can kind of see why. If the description or title sounds a bit goofy, well, so is this album. This is a little embarrassing; we started writing our list before we’d actually agreed on all the entries, and, as it turns out, in all of musical history, only three actors have made good albums. A musical tour through the long history of actors releasing musical albums — some pretty good, many ... to have recorded — no joke — 13 studio albums to date. Entertainment Quiz / Actors Who Released Albums Random Entertainment or Singers Quiz Can you pick the actors who have explored their musical talents? The band’s 2018 album, “America,” peaked at No. Yet fellow supermodel Campbell went one better in 1994 by releasing an entire album. The first song is called “Yo Cousin Vinny” (because, you see, Joe Pesci once starred in a film called My Cousin Vinny), and it sets the tone for the songs: loud, cacophonous, full of gleeful profanity, and barely sung songs that are closer to the speak-singing style evinced by actors in 1960s-era movie musicals. And for the types of albums on this list, that’s kind of high praise. That is not a typo. These athletes, models, and actors released some singles and albums, but ultimately weren't able to make the music jump. Here's ten actors who've released albums. We’ve listed ten actor-turned-musicians below that deserve some kudos for churning out some respectable tunes. It’s something of a vanity project — how many stars could get an album like this off the ground? It’s admirable that Gosling performed and sang here, but the music is a little too dirge-y and opaque to get into.
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